Classes take place in Linton and surrounding villages and outdoors in my safe, secure paddock. 


£30 per session

(60-90 minutes)

New problem! 


Tuition in all aspects of training at home including:

Crate training

Toilet Training

Handling practice/Vet Examination


£90 per 6 week course

Teaching the basics, including important life skills, to give your puppy the confidence they need. It is an excellent way of bonding with your puppy in a safe and stress-free way, as well as habituating and appropriately socialising your puppy.


£90 per 6 week course

For older puppies and adult dogs

Covering basic obedience and introduction to games.

Support with behavioural issues. 


One to One session:  £30/hour

Class sessions: £20/hour

Open to all breeds

Aimed at owners/dogs new to Gundog training wishing to learn the basic aspects which include:



Whistle commands


Basic Retrieves

Loose Lead - 'Walk beside me'

Tired of being dragged across the road? Then this is for you.


Recall - 'Come because you want to'

Frustrated when your dog doesn't come when called?


Gundog Training - Suitable for pre-assessed dogs capable of working in a class environment and off lead.


£25 per 30-45 minute session


Accompanying you and your dog on a walk to focus on any issues and build a training plan.

£30 per 90-minute session

Location, Location, Location

Classes take place in Linton and surrounding villages and outdoors in my safe, secure paddock. 

Some Notes Before Booking:

Classes take place in Linton and surrounding villages and outdoors in my safe, secure paddock.

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all classes/sessions.

Certificates of achievement and Rosettes awarded at all levels.

Custom Training: Please contact me if you need help with any behavioural issues or in any other areas not covered.

All classes and One-to-One sessions are intended to be educational, practical and enjoyable. We fully understand the difficulties you may be experiencing so no judgement is made of you or your dog, you will learn at your own and your dogs own pace and be thoroughly supported throughout your journey on all levels.

Booking a Class or Session

Pre-Puppy Classes - I have a new puppy or am thinking of getting one
Preliminary Classes - puppy school
Intermediate Classes - for older puppies and adult dogs
Introduction to Gundog Training - open to all breeds
Training Walks
Workshop: Loose Lead - 'Walk beside me'
Workshop: Recall - 'Come because you want to'
Workshop: Gundog Training
Custom Training
Other / I'm not sure

Credentials & Qualifications

Institute of Modern

Dog Trainers

Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns

Certificate of Attendance, February 2021


Pain and Behaviour

Certificate of Attendance, February 2021


Level 3 Open College Network Accreditation: Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement

Certificate of Achievement, November 2020

Level 4 Open College Network Accreditation: Canine Behaviour - Consultation and Modification

Certificate of Achievement, December 2023


Happy Recallers

Certificate of Attendance, March 2019


Loose Leaders

Certificate of Attendance, March 2019


4 Day Practical Instructor

Certificate of Attendance, November 2019


Career as a Dog Trainer 

Certificate of Attendance, June 2018

Institute of Modern Dog

Trainers - Behaviourist

Separation Anxiety Webinar

Certificate of attendance, September 2020

Dog to Human Aggression

Certificate of zoom attendance, April 2021

Tellington TTouch Training Calming the Aroused Dog Webinar 

Certificate of Participation, July 2020


Reactive Rascals Course

Completed, August 2019

Canine Body Language Course

Completed, February 2019

Dog Training College

Dog Training College Certified Dog Trainer

Certificate, May 2023


I am also...

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